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Perfect financial planning with the mortgage calculator from hypoXperts

hypoXperts' mortgage calculator enables precise financial planning. Optimize your mortgage payments and shape your financial future

Mortgage calculator Switzerland

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Optimize your financial planning with the hypoXperts mortgage calculator"

A mortgage calculator is not only a useful tool, but a key to effective financial planning. At hypoXperts we offer you a state-of-the-art mortgage calculator that allows you to precisely shape your financial future.


Because the calculator is easy to use, you can run through different scenarios and customize your mortgage payments, interest rates and terms.

Using a mortgage calculator is particularly beneficial for making informed decisions. You can compare different financing options and choose the one that best suits your long-term goals. This tool not only provides transparency but also control over your financial planning.

Another significant advantage is the time and cost savings. Instead of performing complex manual calculations, the mortgage calculator handles these tasks automatically and precisely. This allows you to quickly and efficiently analyze different financing scenarios.

The mortgage calculator is effective preparation before consultations with financial experts.


It enables you to enter into discussions well-informed, ask targeted questions and thus get the most out of your consultation appointments.

Use our mortgage calculator to maximize your financial security. It is not just a tool, but a companion on the way to making smart and well-informed financial decisions. Start now and optimize your financial future with hypoXperts.

HypoXperts mortgage calculator Switzerland: Your key to optimal real estate financing

Use our mortgage calculator from hypoXperts to find out in just a few steps whether financing your dream property in Switzerland is possible.

Why is a mortgage calculator important? Choosing the right mortgage is one of the most important financial steps. Our mortgage calculator allows you to:

  1. Clarity about monthly payments: Calculate payments for different mortgage scenarios to better plan your budget.

  2. Understanding the Total Cost: Determine the total cost of the mortgage, including interest, to set long-term financial goals.

Our Mortgage Calculator - Simple, Accurate and User-Friendly Designed to meet your needs, our mortgage calculator features:

  • Ease of use: No complex formulas or technical terms. Simply enter your data and the computer will do the rest.

  • Precision: Using the latest interest rates and information for accurate calculations.

  • Ease of use: Regardless of your experience as a property buyer, our calculator is easy to understand.

How do you use our mortgage calculator? Very easy! Follow these steps:

  • Enter data: Start the calculator and enter the property value, equity, annual gross income and age.

  • Calculate monthly payment: Instant display of the monthly payment and total costs of the mortgage.

  • Compare offers: Easily calculate different scenarios for the best options.

Our online mortgage calculator Use our online mortgage calculator to check whether you meet the financial requirements for a mortgage. Lending and affordability are crucial factors. The loan to value is usually a maximum of 80%, so you must finance at least 20% of the property value with your own funds.

Affordability occurs when no more than 33% of the gross household income is spent on running costs. Our results are guidelines; your advisor will clarify individual options.

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Loan-to-value The loan-to-value plays a key role in the mortgage. It provides information about the relationship between the mortgage and the property value. A maximum of 80% loan-to-value is common, so at least 20% equity is required. These can come from various sources, such as savings, inheritances or pension fund assets.

Portability Portability is a key element. Running costs should typically not exceed 33% of gross household income. Our calculation is based on an imputed interest rate of 5% and 1% additional costs of the property value.

Calculation example:

Property value: CHF 850,000

Own funds: CHF 170,000

Mortgage amount: CHF 680,000

Interest: CHF 34,000

Amortization: CHF 8,500

Additional costs: CHF 8,500

Total costs: CHF 51,000

Wearability: 36%

This example is based on a property value of CHF 850,000,

Own funds of CHF 170,000 and a mortgage amount of CHF 680,000.


The interest is calculated at an imputed interest rate of 5%, which corresponds to CHF 34,000. The amortization is CHF 8,500 per year and the additional costs are estimated at CHF 8,500. The total costs amount to CHF 51,000 per year. The affordability in this example is 36%, which shows that the monthly costs do not exceed 36% of the gross household income.


Please note that this is just an example and individual factors may affect your final affordability.

The mortgage calculator provides guideline values; the amortization period and interest rate influence the monthly costs. The usual payback period is 15 years.

Online mortgage calculator - the first step towards your own four walls The online mortgage calculator serves as an initial orientation and does not replace thatConsultation.


  • Mortgage calculator for quick financial checks

  • Loan-to-value (max. 80%) and affordability (max. 33%) as key indicators

  • At least 20% equity required

  • Portability based on 5% imputed interest rate and 1% additional costs

  • Mortgage calculator shows guideline values, personal advice is essential

  • With hypoXperts you benefit from Swiss all-round service for mortgages

Your path to a secure financial future:

Trust our mortgage advice to set the right course for your financial future. We are here to support you every step of your mortgage journey and ensure you make the best decisions for your needs. Contact us today to begin your personal mortgage advice and pave the path to financial security.

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FAQ about mortgage calculator

What is a Mortgage Calculator?

A mortgage calculator is a digital tool that allows potential borrowers to calculate the expected monthly payments and total cost of a mortgage based on various factors.

Why should I use a mortgage calculator?

It offers a quick and easy way to simulate different mortgage scenarios so that you can better estimate what you will face financially and which mortgage will best suit your situation.

What data do I have to enter?

Typically, you will need to enter the purchase price of the property, the loan amount, the interest rate, the term and possibly other variable costs.

How accurate are the results?

While mortgage calculators provide a good estimate, they are not 100% accurate because they cannot take into account all of the individual factors that affect the actual cost.

Can I run through different scenarios with the computer?

Yes, you can enter different interest rates, terms and down payments to see how this affects your monthly payments.

Does the calculator take into account other costs such as insurance or property taxes?

Some mortgage calculators take these additional costs into account, while others do not. It's important to keep track of all costs, not just monthly mortgage payments.

Where can I find a mortgage calculator?

Many banks, financial institutions and real estate websites offer free mortgage calculators online.

Are there mobile apps for mortgage calculators?

Yes, there are numerous mobile apps that offer mortgage calculator features, both for iOS and Android.

Can I save or print the results?

This depends on the specific calculator, but many allow results to be saved or printed.

How is interest calculated?

Most mortgage calculators use annual percentage rate (APR) to calculate monthly interest and total interest costs over the life of the mortgage.

Can I see the effects of special repayments?

Some more advanced mortgage calculators allow you to simulate special repayments and see how they affect the overall cost and term of your mortgage.

Why do the results vary between different computers?

Different calculators may use different formulas or assumptions, which may result in slight differences in results.

Is my information safe when I use an online mortgage calculator?

Most reputable websites and apps use encryption and do not store your data, but it is always advisable to check the privacy policy.

How do I take inflation into account?

Most calculators do not take inflation into account. If you want to take this into account, you will have to do it manually.

Can I use the calculator for different types of mortgages (e.g. fixed-rate mortgage, variable-rate mortgage)?

Yes, many mortgage calculators allow you to simulate different mortgage types and associated interest rates.

Can I use the calculator for refinancing?

Some specialized calculators can be used to simulate refinancing scenarios and see the potential savings.

Are there mortgage calculators specifically for the Swiss market?

Yes, many Swiss banks and financial institutions offer mortgage calculators that have been specifically developed for the Swiss real estate and financial market.

How do I take amortization into account?

Some calculators allow you to enter different payback periods and see how that affects your monthly payments.

Are mortgage calculators free?

Most mortgage calculators offered online are free. However, some specialized or advanced tools may require a fee.

Where can I find help if I have questions about the calculator? Many websites and apps offer help

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