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  • René Müller

Fixed-rate mortgage in Switzerland: Financial stability and planning security for your financing

The Fixed mortgage is a tried and tested solution in Switzerland popular choice for real estate financing. In this blog post we take a detailed look at the fixed mortgage and show why it is considered a synonym for financial stability and planning security.

What characterizes a fixed-rate mortgage?

The fixed-rate mortgage is based on a fixed interest rate over a predetermined period of time. This means that the monthly installments will remain constant during this period, regardless of market fluctuations.

Advantages of the fixed-rate mortgage:

  1. Financial planning security: The outstanding advantage lies in the financial planning security. Borrowers know exactly what monthly payments they can expect from the start.

  2. Long-term stability: In a time characterized by interest rate fluctuations, the fixed-rate mortgage offers long-term stability. This is particularly important to protect against sudden interest rate increases.

Disadvantages of the fixed-rate mortgage:

  1. Initially higher interest rates: A possible disadvantage is the initially higher interest rates compared to variable mortgages. This could result in higher monthly payments initially.

  2. Less flexibility: Compared to variable options, the Fixed-rate mortgageless flexibility, especially when it comes to short-term interest rate cuts.

Who is a fixed-rate mortgage suitable for in Switzerland?

  1. Risk-averse borrowers: The fixed-rate mortgage is ideal for those who want to avoid risks and value clear financial plans.

  2. Long-term financial planning: Particularly suitable for those who prefer long-term financial planning and value stable monthly payments.


The Fixed mortgage in Switzerland stands for more than just one financing option. It represents a decision for financial stability and planning security. While it can present some challenges, the benefits often outweigh the negatives. This blog post is intended to help provide a comprehensive understanding of the Fixed mortgage and to help you make an informed decision for your real estate financing.

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