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  • René Müller

Saron Mortgage: Opportunities and Challenges for Smart Real Estate Financing

The Saron mortgage, based on the Swiss Average Rate Overnight (Saron) interest rate, opens doors to new possibilities for real estate financing. This blog post provides a comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges associated with choosing a Saron mortgage to encourage smart decisions in the world of real estate financing.

What constitutes the Saron mortgage?

The Saron mortgage stands out for its basis on the Saron interest rate, which reflects the average interest rates for Swiss franc (CHF) loans on the interbank market. Their unique feature lies in the variable interest rates, which change regularly and adapt to market conditions.

Opportunities of the Saron mortgage:

  1. Potential interest savings: In times of low interest rates in the money market, the Saron mortgage offers the possibility of interest savings compared to fixed-rate mortgages. Smart borrowers can benefit from favorable market conditions.

  2. Flexibility: The variable nature of the Saron Mortgage brings with it flexibility. Borrowers can adapt to changes and benefit from advantageous conditions in the financial market.

Challenges and Considerations:

  1. Uncertain interest rate developments: The main challenge is the uncertain interest rate developments. With variable interest rates there is a risk of increases, which may result in higher monthly payments.

  2. Complexity of adjustment: Calculating and adjusting the Saron mortgage can be complex. It requires a deep understanding of financial markets, which can be challenging for those who don't study it extensively.

Who is the Saron mortgage suitable for?

  1. Interest rate-conscious borrowers: Borrowers who are looking for interest-sensitive financing options and want to benefit from low market interest rates.

  2. Flexible Thinkers: People who can adapt to change and appreciate the flexibility of variable interest rates.


The decision for a Saron mortgage requires careful consideration of the opportunities and challenges. Potential interest savings and flexibility are attractive aspects, but uncertainties regarding future interest rate developments must be taken into account. Smart real estate financing is based on a sound understanding of your own needs and market conditions. This post is intended to help encourage smart decisions in the world of Saron Mortgage.

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