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Financial ease at a glance: The affordability calculator from hypoXperts

Experience financial ease with our affordability calculator. The hypoXperts affordability calculator enables a precise analysis of your financial resilience. Optimize your decisions and shape your financial future with security.




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Advantages of the affordability calculation for you as a customer

Affordability calculator and affordability calculation: your key to financial stability

In the world of financing, affordability calculators play a crucial role in determining your financial resilience. A careful affordability calculation is essential to ensure both your financial security and that of the bank.

Affordability Calculator – What is it?

Affordability calculators are innovative tools that allow you and the bank to analyze your financial resilience. These calculators take into account various factors such as income, expenses and existing obligations to paint a clear picture of your financial situation.

How does the affordability calculation work in detail?

The affordability calculation is based on a holistic analysis of your financial situation. Not only income and expenses are taken into account, but individual living conditions are also taken into account. The affordability calculator takes marital status, children, and other parameters into account to make a tailored assessment.

Why is the affordability calculation so important?

Financial security: By accurately determining your financial resilience, the affordability calculation ensures your security. You avoid overload and ensure a long-term, stable financial situation.​

Bank perspective: For banks, the affordability calculation is crucial in order to minimize risks. It enables an objective assessment of your creditworthiness and ensures that borrowers can meet their financial obligations.

How does an affordability calculator work and what is portability used for?

Calculating financial viability is crucial when it comes to theApplying for a mortgage goes. This figure, expressed as a percentage, provides information about the ratio of current financing costs to the potential mortgagee's gross income. The ideal situation is when these costs do not exceed one third of gross income. However, there are providers who also accept higher affordability values in individual cases. A particularly positive onePortability value can even lead to discounts on mortgage interest rates.

The ongoing financing costs that are included in the affordability calculation include interest costs, amortization payments as well as additional and maintenance costs. Banks often use an imputed interest rate of around 5%, which is deliberately set high to ensure that the customer can meet his payment obligations even if interest rates rise. The usual payback period is set at 15 years, but there are also providers who expect other periods. Additional and maintenance costs include expenses for water, electricity, insurance and possible repair work, which are combined when calculating affordability and calculated at 1% of the property value.

Determining the income of the potential mortgagee is another crucial factor. Banks take various aspects into account, including bonus payments, i.e. income that is not permanently guaranteed. The borrower's professional situation also plays a role, especially the prospects of finding equivalent employment in the event of a job loss. For young married couples, the bank could even take into account a possible desire to have children, which could temporarily lead to a reduction in overall income.

Our affordability calculator offers you an initial insight into the financial viability of your dream property. However, for more precise values, we recommend a personal consultation. Even if you barely meet a bank's requirements, there is a chance that another financial service provider will still grant you financing. Our experienced consultants know thisMortgage market and the requirements of each provider precisely. We compare over 100 online and offline providers and define the optimal financing strategy for your project. If you would also like to find the optimal mortgage with independent, personal advice, we look forward to receiving your advice request.Request advice now!

Your path to a secure financial future:

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FAQ on affordability calculator

What is an affordability calculator?

An affordability calculator is a digital tool that helps potential borrowers evaluate their financial ability to repay a mortgage based on their income and other financial obligations.

Why should I use an affordability calculator?

You can use an affordability calculator to estimate how much you can afford without risking financial hardship and determine the appropriate mortgage amount for your situation.

What data do I have to enter?

Typically, your gross annual income, existing debts, monthly expenses and other financial obligations will be asked.

How accurate are the results?

Affordability calculators provide an estimate. Actual affordability may vary based on individual circumstances and credit requirements.

Can the calculator take all of my expenses into account?

Most calculators ask for basic monthly expenses. For a more accurate estimate, consider all of your regular expenses.

Where can I find an affordability calculator?

Many banks, financial institutions and mortgage advisors offer free affordability calculators on their websites.

How is affordability calculated in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, mortgage interest, together with other housing costs, should not account for more than a third of gross income.

Does the calculator take interest rate changes into account?

Some more advanced calculators can take into account variable interest rates and their impact on affordability.

What should I do if the results show that a mortgage is unaffordable for me?

You might consider taking out a smaller mortgage amount, reducing your debt, or finding additional sources of income.

Can I use the calculator for different mortgage types?

Yes, many affordability calculators allow you to enter different mortgage types and associated interest rates.

Are there mobile apps for affordability calculators?

Yes, there are numerous mobile apps that offer affordability calculator features, both for iOS and Android.

Is my data safe when I use an online affordability calculator?

Most reputable websites and apps use encryption and do not store your data, but it is always advisable to check their privacy policies.

Are there affordability calculators specifically for the Swiss market?

Yes, many Swiss banks and financial institutions offer affordability calculators that have been specifically developed for the Swiss financial market.

What happens if my financial situation changes?

It is advisable to re-evaluate affordability periodically, especially if your financial situation changes significantly.

Can I use the calculator to calculate the affordability of a second home?

Some specialized calculators can take this into account, but others only focus on primary residences.

Does the calculator take tax benefits into account?

This depends on the specific computer. In Switzerland, mortgage interest is usually tax deductible, which can affect affordability.

Can dual earners use the calculator?

Yes, many calculators offer the option of entering the combined income of dual earners.

Are affordability calculators free?

Most affordability calculators offered online are free. However, some specialized or advanced tools may require a fee.

Can I use the calculator to check the affordability of refinancing?

Yes, many affordability calculators allow you to simulate refinancing scenarios.

Where can I find help if I have questions about the calculator?

Many websites provide help pages or customer service contacts to help users with questions or concerns about the affordability calculator.

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